Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Model Your Savings Growth With Our TFSA Investment Calculator

TFSA accounts are one of just a few powerful savings tools for Canadians. With a TFSA, the investment growth of your savings is untaxed. Over years, that can add up to significant savings. Our TFSA Investment Calculator allows you to model the tax-free growth of your funds over time. To learn more about TFSAs, visit our TFSA basics. And of course, you should always compare the benefits of investing in a TFSA versus investing in an RRSP. To explore that topic, visit our RRSP Guide, or try our calculators: RRSP Investment Calculator, RRSP Contribution Calculator.

TFSA Investment Calculator
Selected Value: 4 %
Selected Value: 10 years
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This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. We recommend that you seek your own financial, investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice.


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