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Abbreviated from Logos Applied Research Inc., you can just call us LARi (pronounced like the name, “Larry”).  Incorporated in March, 2021, we bring a new approach to one of Canada’s oldest industries: financial services. 

Our LARi Reports target the most meaningful moments in the client journey, bringing together client insights, analyst analysis, industry trends, best practices, and competitive benchmarking. We aim to deliver analysis that’s informative for executives, but also immediately USEFUL in the hands of those accountable for client digital experiences.

Our Team

LARi’s rapidly-growing crew is made up of a mix of disciplines that includes Client/User Experience, Digital product development, and Market Research/Insights. While our skills are adaptable to any industry, we focus exclusively on Canadian banking, insurance, and investing. 

The company’s founder, Dan Skeen, recognized an unmet industry need for practical insights and analysis, and so LARi was born. 

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LARi Reports

Our core product is the LARi Report. Each focuses on a unique client microjourney, bringing together first-hand input from Canadians, competitive benchmarking, best practices, industry trends, and expert analysis. 

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Industry Insights

Our blog, LARi’s Lessons, offers news and commentary on Canada’s shifting financial services landscape, from institutional players to the latest emerging fintechs.

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Want to take a closer look at the rapidly changing digital experience? Our team is waiting for you. With our exclusive focus on Canadian financial services, we’re eager to share our insights. 



Born in the pandemic, we are a 100% virtual team, primarily based in Ontario.