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Calculate your 2023 RRSP Contribution

The 2023 RRSP contribution limit is $30,780, but the average Canadian won’t have the maximum contribution available to them. Earned income is a key factor, as well as unused contribution room from prior years, and the impact of any pension plans you are part of. Use our RRSP calculator to assess your available contribution room for 2023.


For more advice on getting the most from your RRSP, visit our RRSP Guide. To model the impact of your RRSP contributions over time, try our RRSP Investment Calculator.

Calculate your RRSP contribution room and limit

Add all employment income sources including salary and commissions.
Your 2023 limit based on earnings. You can adjust this by filling in any applicable fields below.

Adjusting for Unused RRSP Room and Pension Amounts

You can find your unused RRSP amount on your 2022 Notice of Assessment
If you left a pension plan, you may have a T10 form with this value.
If you belong to a pension plan, you'll find this value in Box 52 of your T4
If you left a pension plan, you may have a T10 form with this value.

Your 2023 RRSP Contribution Room

Based on your employment income, unused contribution room, and adjustments associated with a pension.
We'll send the results to your email for easy reference.

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. We recommend that you seek your own financial, investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice.

Financial Calculators for Canadians

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