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Canada inflation calculator: Image showing a vintage print ad with a new car selling for $3,123.Canada Inflation Calculator


The first car I rode in was an early 1970s Monte Carlo. The cost of that metal beast would have been about $3,500 brand new. Today, that amount of money would have the same purchasing power as $26.184. Times change, and cars do too. One constant in our lives has been the steady up-tick of inflation, particularly in the last few years where we’ve seen dramatic inflation increases take a sizeable bite out of most Canadians’ disposable income. Our Canada Inflation Calculator allows you to compare the value of money today with years past. Simply enter a dollar value, and select the years you want to compare.


Or, if you’d like to see how your salary growth compares against Canadian inflation, we have a calculator to compare your salary against inflation. Or if rent is top of mind, try our Canada Rent Inflation Calculator.

Enter the amount you had or the cost of an item in the starting year.
Select the year you are referencing the original amount from. Data source: Statistics Canada CPI figures.
Choose the year to which you want to adjust the amount based on inflation. Data source: Statistics Canada CPI figures.
This displays the adjusted value of the original amount in the comparison year, considering inflation as per Statistics Canada CPI data.
We'll send a copy of the results to your email for easy reference.

Get the Full Picture on Rising Inflation in Canada

Looking beyond our inflation calculator, Canada deserves a broader view of the sweeping financial impacts of recent years of rapidly rising inflation. We surveyed over 1,200 Canadians to explore how inflation is impacting our spending, financial goals, investment strategies, debt management, and so much more. Explore the tabs below for our full analysis.

The Financial Impacts of Canadian Inflation

Explore our complete coverage, with original market research and analysis from LARi Insight.

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