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Easily Compare Canadian Food Price Inflation by Year With Our Food Price Inflation Calculator

We’ve created original research and analysis on food price inflation in Canada, but sometimes it helps to see it for yourself. Our Canada Food Price Inflation Calculator allows you to compare inflation increases of common grocery items over one to seven years.


Prices of Common Groceries

Milk, 2 L

Bacon, 500 grams

Eggs, 1 dozen

Cheese, 500 grams

Beef, 1KG

Chicken, breasts, 1KG

Apples, 1KG

Potatoes, 4.54 KG

Bread, white, 675 grams

Vegetable Oil, 3L

Butter, 454 grams

Rice, white, 2 KG

Total Cost of All Groceries

The Impact of Food Price Inflation

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Understanding Food Price Inflation

Once you’ve explored the results of our food price inflation calculator, you may notice some things:

  • You’ve likely seen statistics saying Canada’s rate of inflation (CPI) is up by X% for a given year. This is an AVERAGE of several categories of costs, including shelter, gas, and the source of focus here – food.
  • You’ve likely seen statistics saying Canada’s food prices for a given year are up X%, but this is an AVERAGE of a wide variety of food products. Our calculator dives into the specific inflation rates for specific food items.
  • Prices of food products can swing fairly wildly. Sometimes items will cost less than the year before.

We’ve gone as far back as possible using the reliable data from Statistics Canada’s Monthly Average Retail Prices for Selected Products.

Food Prices Are A Top Inflation Concern For Canadians

As we highlighted in our analysis of Canada’s food price inflation, gas is actually the area where Canadians have seen the most significant impact of inflation. Gas prices have increased 66.5% since May 2020. But what they most NOTICE are rising prices in the grocery store. In the 2024 Inflation Survey by LARi Insight, 69.7% of over 1,200 respondents indicated that “Groceries” are the area where they most feel the impact of inflation. A distant second was utility prices (9.6%), gas and transportation (8.0%), childcare or education (8.0%), entertainment and leisure (3.7%), healthcare costs (2.8%), and clothing and personal items (1.9%).


For a detailed report on rising food prices, causes, and impacts, read “Canadians Stung by Rising Food Prices“.

The Canada Food Price Index Calculator is for illustrative purposes only. The reference point for each year is Statistics Canada’s December values for the items shown. For the current value, we included the most recent value available from Statistics Canada – November, 2023.

The Financial Impacts of Canadian Inflation

Explore our complete coverage, with original market research and analysis from LARi Insight.

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