Monday, July 15, 2024
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Market Research

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At the heart of our practice you’ll find first-hand feedback from Canadian clients.

Our proprietary LARi Insight panel provides us with fast access to the thoughts, opinions and values of Canadians. It was built from the ground-up with a unique focus on Canada’s financial services industry.

We can segment using hundreds of variables to zoom in on a particular client microjourney across multiple institutions, from the largest players to the emerging fintechs.

Some common uses of our insight panel include: topical surveys, prototype assessments, product development, and testing new offers or promotions. To learn more, contact us today.

In 2021 we began building a research audience, with an exclusive focus on financial services in Canada.

Our Participant Database

  • Thousands of opted-in Canadian respondents
  • Filter by demographics (age, income, etc.)
  • Segment on behavioural propensity (digital preferences, advisor relationships)
  • Target your clients, or your competitor’s, in banking, life and health insurance, P&C, and investments

How clients use our insight services:

  • Understanding Canadians’ expectations, desires, and values, to create great products
  • Newsworthy thought-leadership content, backed by the authority of primary research
  • Feedback on business-critical experiences
  • Exploring new opportunities and revenue streams
  • Understanding loyalty and abandonment triggers

Our Services

Experience Reviews & Reports

Our expert analysts can take a deep-dive into any customer experience you want to understand better. We combine a detailed expert review, competitive analysis, and best practice recommendations with feedback from Canadian consumers to create our LARi Reports.

Market Research & Panel Surveys

Our database of thousands of Canadian survey participants is built from the ground up for financial services insights. Filter by asset levels, small business owners, or financial account types. We can segment to reach your customers, or your competitor’s.

Content Strategy & Development

We help companies convert insightful, proprietary research data into newsworthy content that stands out in an all-too-often monotonous industry. Our approach to content strategy emphasizes one-of-a-kind research insights as the basis for rich storytelling.

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