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Focused on key strategic questions and client micro-journeys, each LARi report maps the digital experience along a key phase of the client journey. But where other research firms summarize in broad sweeps, we dive deeper. Our reports assess each major player in Canada’s financial services landscape, scoring and benchmarking based on a deep set of criteria. Input from actual Canadian clients adds to the insight, and our analysts capture key themes, best (and worst) practices, and point the way to creating an exceptional client experience.

Focused exclusively on Canadian financial services, our reports equip business leaders and practitioners with industry, audience, and competitive insights. Our best practice examples and practitioner’s checklists lay out a clear path toward crafting an experience that delights clients and delivers strong business results. We’ll also highlight industry trends and the best innovative approaches from beyond our Canadian borders.

It’s the insight you want to have, before your competitors do.

An Industry Analyst focused on … you

Large consultancies produce generic research reports, often providing global examples that are less relevant to the Canadian financial services market. Our exclusive focus on Canadian financial services brings a depth of expertise that is hard to match. 

We put the full focus of our expertise on your specific business challenges.

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The outsider / insider

As an outsider to your company, we bring a broad perspective that sees through organizational obstacles. As an industry insider, we know the opportunities and challenges of the marketplace.

We make insight-buying easy

We use well-defined work packages and a credit-based system to accelerate our work for clients.

A contract built for speed…

The challenge with traditional agency engagements is the lack of speed caused by lengthy procurement workflows. Our model is simpler, and far faster. The initial agreement involves the purchase of credits, which can be put to use for specific services at your convenience. When you choose to use credits, our team can react instantly (e.g. a market research poll results within 24 hours) without having to engage in a lengthy contract creation and approval cycle.

2 Credits

A poll of 200-500 Canadian respondents, results delivered in 48 hours.

4 Credits

A 1,000-word thought leadership article leveraging original research data

5 Credits

An experience report including competitive analysis and feedback from Canadian clients.

LARi Report: Digital Banking – Opening an account digitally ranges from easy to egregious. 

Detailed ratings and rankings for Canadian banks and fintech competitors in our exclusive LARi report.

Why read this report? Opening a bank account is a pivotal step in the onboarding phase of the client journey. Done right, it establishes a loyal relationship that can last decades. Done poorly, it incites abandonment and missed revenue. This report examines digital account opening in the Canadian marketplace, from the big banks to the fintech upstarts. It includes benchmark scoring for each institution, and best practices to deliver an exceptional digital experience.

It’s the fresh new insight that you’ll want to have before your competitors do. 

Focus Area:

Financial Planning

Engaging Canadian clients and prospects through digital experience

There’s high-volume activity around tools, content and calculators that help Canadians consider their finances, product needs, and future outcomes. 

In this arena where utility trumps brand, we’ll look at how financial firms (and some non-traditional competitors you might not expect) are delivering against this potentially lucrative need. Benchmark scoring and best practices will be included.

Focus Area:

Insurance Quotes

Best digital practices during the critical consideration phase of the client journey

Self-serve insurance quoting tools are one of the strongest signals of buying intent. Our research delves into the mindset and expectations of Canadians as they explore quote options.

We rate the experiences of Canada’s top insurance providers as well as aggregators and some new innovators. We’ll also highlight best practice examples from other regions that are relevant to the Canadian market.

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Experience Reviews & Reports

Our expert analysts can take a deep-dive into any customer experience you want to understand better. We combine a detailed expert review, competitive analysis, and best practice recommendations with feedback from Canadian consumers to create our LARi Reports



Market Research and Panel Surveys

Our database of thousands of Canadian survey participants is built from the ground up for financial services insights. Filter by asset levels, small business owners, or financial account types. We can segment to reach your customers, or your competitors. 

Market insights

Content Strategy and Content Development

We convert insightful, proprietary research data into newsworthy content that stands out in an all-too-often monotonous industry. Our streamlined storytelling approach  produces multi-channel, multi-format content that is optimized for search and social. 

Content Marketing



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